Benjamin Csaba Domjan Agricultural engineer and data analyst

Hello I am Benjamin Csaba Domjan.

As an agricultural engineer with Hungarian roots, I have worked both on numerous Israeli dairy farms and as a consultant for the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture.

I am one of the first experts who started using artificial intelligence in animal husbandry. I have developed a new optimisation method based on high quality Israeli farm data in order to maximise profits on dairy farms.

Ein in Israel durchgeführtes wissenschaftliches Experiment hat gezeigt, dass meine KI-basierte Rationsformulierung in der Lage war, die Erträge deutlich zu steigern. Am Ende der Studie war die Milchleistung von 37,4 kg um 3,2 kg angestiegen. Die produzierte Fettmenge stieg von 1,395 kg um 6% und die produzierte Eiweißmenge von 1,279 kg sogar um 10,9% an. Somit verbesserte sich die Fütterungseffizienz und der Gewinn.
My innovation is the optimisation of all performance-related factors in dairy farming on the basis of a database developed and hosted by me. This includes feeding-, disease-, management-,and water supply, -as well as housing conditions, and weather data.

Hello, I am Stefan Freuen.

For decades I have been dealing with dairy cows both hands-on as a farmer and as a consultant in Germany. On one hand I concentrate on building an efficient and healthy herd and on the other hand on developing a profitable production. Documentation and data evaluation were the reasons in maximising the results in the long run. After all, only what is measured and controlled can be managed.


  • Training to become a farmer (1981-83)
  • Diploma agriculture at University of applied Sciences TH Bingen (1984-88)
  • Scientific consultant at management consultancy Prof. Alfons Janinhoff (1988-89)
  • Software developer and distributer of herd management programmes (1990-1998)
  • Consultant of financing and economic efficiency (in the framework of EFP/AFP) of investment measures in dairy farms (1989-2010)
  • Co-founder of FNS-Milch GbR, a dairy farm in the West Eifel (1999 to date)
  • Agricultural scientist at DLR Eifel (since 2003 until today; the DLR is the independent and neutral service and education centre for agriculture and rural areas in the region.)
  • Co-founder and advisor of the EIP research project "Grassland and Animal Health Eifel”
  • Independent dairy farming consultant (2016-today)
Dipl.-Ing. agr. Stefan Freuen; dairy farmer and freelance dairy cattle farming and fodder production consultant

We are based in Germany, but had customers all over Europe. We’re looking forward to support you on your way to an even more efficient and profitable farm/output.
With little effort on your part, we can quickly achieve excellent results together, based on an absolutely product-independent consultation with clearly defined expenditure of money and time.