Until now the data cows produce have hardly been considered. We at OptimumKuh are the first who really use it. We analyse all information related to milk production, such as feed, diseases, housing conditions and weather and find their correlations. Cows can't talk, but their performance and state of health tell us about their condition. If the performance is high and the cows are healthy, then the conditions are optimal. If yields fall and /or disease levels rise, than intervention is necessary.
This is where we support you. The origin of the problem is only revealed through professional data analysis and specific experience. This process is called data science.

Using artificial intelligence, we search for causes and offer solutions. 

Why artificial intelligence?

With artificial intelligence (AI),- we can find relationships and dependencies that were previously completely unknown.

Because AI is based on its own comprehensive and high-quality database, we do not need any additional information from you. You describe your problem to us and we will tell you the potential influencing factors, their relationships to each other and their weighting. On the basis of this information, we work with you to develop a tailor-made solution for your company. Give us a try and you will see amazing results.

Optimal rations increase the yield as shown here using the CA/P ratio as an example. The highest profit per cow per day was achieved with a Ca/P ratio of 1.58-1.65 : 1. With a closer as well as a wider ratio the profit was lower.

We are based in Germany, but had customers all over Europe. We’re looking forward to support you on your way to an even more efficient and profitable farm/output.
With little effort on your part, we can quickly achieve excellent results together, based on an absolutely product-independent consultation with clearly defined expenditure of money and time.