For Milking Equipment Manufacturers

As a manufacturer of milking and feeding technology, you are in a highly competitive market.

Everyone is talking about digitalization, but the practical implementation is often limited to the collection and storage of data. Their use and analysis is the basis of our work. Thereby, we improve your customer's outcome and ensure a positive feedback and a genuine unique selling point for you.

For example, we optimized the feeding curves of a milking robot customer with regard to milk yield and persistence in such a way that, after adjustment for feed costs, a real additional profit was achieved.

Cell content problems are all too often associated with milking technology. But what if you have the impression that milking technology is fine, but the cause is feeding related? Then a dilemma arises. Here we can quickly find a remedy by isolating the causes for the increase in the cell content.

  • Milking time (DDMMYYYY HH:MM:SS)

  • Milking time (seconds)

  • Milk kg

  • Fat %

  • Fat kg

  • Protein %

  • Protein kg

  • Lactose %

  • SCC

We are based in Germany, but had customers all over Europe. We’re looking forward to support you on your way to an even more efficient and profitable farm/output.
With little effort on your part, we can quickly achieve excellent results together, based on an absolutely product-independent consultation with clearly defined expenditure of money and time.