We use artificial intelligence (AI) to answer your questions and to find the best solution for your problem. In doing so, we act according to your specifications, show alternatives and calculate their benefits for you.

Do I have to provide an own database?

No, you don’t. Our approach is based on our own comprehensive and high-quality database. We don’t require any additional information from you. Hence anyone can participate.

This approach also allows for modifications at any time if one or the other proposed solution cannot be implemented because of operational reasons.
But even then the solution found is always significantly better than the initial situation.

We currently offer consulting and support for:

We are based in Germany, but had customers all over Europe. We’re looking forward to support you on your way to an even more efficient and profitable farm/output.
With little effort on your part, we can quickly achieve excellent results together, based on an absolutely product-independent consultation with clearly defined expenditure of money and time.